Healthy Skin: R1000 Cream vs R100?

We’re often sold the idea that we need to buy the “expensive creams” advertised in order to have beautiful, healthy-glowing skin. But do they really make a difference? Does the extra R900 actually give you that healthy-glow / zero-pimples / soft skin?? I’ve been using a high-end cream most of my life, and up until recently, I’ve had an entirely different perspective on the type of skincare range I buy today. For this use of this blog-post, I’ll be referring to our high-end cream as “high-end” 😉

Three months ago when we all went into lockdown, like many of us, I had to re-budget, and one of those items was my creams. Both my wife and I have always used “high-end”, and just for the record, it is a great brand and we’ve never had a problem with it. However, if you’re like us and you buy the face cream, cleanser and microfoliant, that’s a good R3000 shop! So we both (reluctantly) decided to give up our loving brand, and go to something much more affordable. What did we choose? You’re not going to believe this, but “Nurses-Own” from Pick n Pay…. Yes, you read that right 😂

The first week was tough – we were bleak! We missed the smell of our brand, the texture, and more importantly, the way it made us feel using such a premium product. WE WERE CERTAIN THAT OUR FACES WE’RE GOING TO BREAK OUT. But nothing happened though… Weeks went by, and now it’s been a whole three months. And guess what? Both our skin is THE EXACT SAME! Just an FYI: my wife and have completely different skin complexions. I have relatively oily skin, and my wife is more on the dry spectrum.

So what did we learn from this?

1. We saved thousands of Rands.

2. You don’t need fancy products to have healthy skin.

3. Healthy skin comes from the inside, and not from what you put on.

In other words, eating healthy, drinking enough water and regular exercise is the key to looking and feeling good. I’m not saying that you need to stop buying your favourite product as we did, but maybe give some thought about whether you actually need it? Also, I’m not stating that “Nurses-Own” will work for you as it did us, but do your own experimentation and research!

I hope you enjoyed this read and it gives you some food for thought 😉

Stay warm and safe!


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