COVID-19 and your Mental Health

COVID-19 and your Mental Health

Many of us may have gone into the lockdown setting goals of learning or achieving new things. While the idea is commendable, the reality of things is not as simple, and this pandemic, unlike anything we’ve experienced before. 

Connection to people and good mental health are intrinsically linked, and both things are at risk during this pandemic. In lights of this, it is essential to be kind to yourself and mindful of your mental wellbeing.  

The World Economic Forum recently published an article discussing the psychological impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Early studies show that people who in quarantine are very likely to develop a wide range of symptoms of psychological stress and disorder. These can include:


Stress, Anxiety, Anger

Irritability and emotional exhaustion

Depression and post-traumatic stress symptoms. 

The professionals believe that there are steps that may help the effects of being isolated, including:

  • Staying connected with your social and family networks via technology
  • Keeping your daily routines as much as possible
  • Exercising regularly and practising habits that you enjoy and find relaxing
  • Seeking practical, credible information at specific times of the day

If you feel as though you need more support, please don’t hesitate to reach out to a mental health professional. 

We’re in this together.

Liam Burke

Below are also a list of helpful resources:

Therapist Directory

Find Help – Clinical psychologists. 

Lifeline SA  | 0861 322 322

SADAG – Suicide Crisis Line 0800 567 567 | SMS 31393

Depression and Anxiety Helpline | 0800 70 80 90

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