Simple Chicken Soup – With Mama-Lulu

Today’s soup I cook with my second mother, Mama-Lulu. She has looked after me from a single digit age, and I love her dearly 😊

To get started, you’ll need these ingredients for your homemade chicken soup:

1. Chicken (cooked & Free Range always pref.)

2. Table spoon butter

3. Olive oil

4. 1 big onion

5. 3 big carrots

6. 3 big celery

7. Table spoon Stock powder

8. 500ml chicken stock liquid

9. Chopped garlic

10. Salt & Pepper


Get yourself a chopping board, sharp knife and get that onion diced, carrots cut, and celery chopped 😉The size of your veg cuttings are completely up to you…

Sweet. Next, find yourself a big pot, put it over medium heat. Chuck that blob of butter onto the pan and add a dash of oil too. Let that heat up…

On the other side – get your chicken out, debone it, and put all the edible chicken to one side. Don’t throw the bones away! If you’d like to make your own chicken stock, stick the leftover bones into a small pot with water submerging the chicken. Leave that with the lid half open to cook for 15-20 min.

Go back to your big pot. It should be ready by now? If so, go ahead and cook your onions first until a bit golden. Then chuck in your carrots and celery too. Shouldn’t need long. If you don’t have readymade liquid chicken stock, you’ll need to add some now. For this last step, you can add the chicken 🍗

Give it a good stir over a low heat for about 10 minutes. Add salt and pepper to taste, and if you like, chilli and garlic for some heat 😁

Bon Apetit!

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