What Are My Options?

Once-off ConsultationR500
Consultation + Personalised Eating PlanR850
Monthly (three months minimum)R1500

If you’re looking for an affordable option, or would just like a check-up, then the “once-off consultation” is what you’re looking for. Should you require an eating plan after the consultation, Liam will design you a personalised eating plan for R350 extra plus a report on your health. We also offer follow-up appointments so you can come and do a check-in. If you would like to know more about what’s involved in a consultation, click on the link below:

Some of us require a little extra motivation to lose those extra kilo’s you’ve been begging to get rid of! We offer a monthly membership which works as follows:

1st Month: R 1500-00

2nd Month: R1500-00

3rd Month: FREE if you reach your target goal weight

Like it or not, money will always be a factor. So we thought; perhaps this will motivate you more? So essentially, you’ll receive your 3rd month for free if you reach your target weight which we both agree on from the start. We’re not gonna say you must lose 20 Kg in 12-weeks – that’s just silly. We’ll sit down together and make sure your goal is tangible. From there, we see each other once a week (which we decide on together) and make sure you’re aligned with your goal.

Got any more questions? No problem. Feel free to click on the link below to get in touch: