Liam Burke is a certified Clinical Nutritionist whose main area of interest is Sports Nutrition and psychology. Liam has an Advanced Diploma in Clinical Nutrition as well as a degree in Clinical Psychology.

The crucial element to the Shapeinmind (SIM) is the support you receive, both physically and emotionally. Traditionally, therapists see you once-off and send you on your way with a program. With SIM programs, we make sure you achieve your goal to the point where your new balanced lifestyle is maintainable for years to come.

His style of coaching is designed to stimulate you mentally and physically, guaranteeing you great results if you follow his plan. He is a well-weathered athlete, from water polo, swimming, mountain biking, to the more extreme sports like motocross, and wakeboarding. In 2019, Liam climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and successfully reached the summit. Then in 2021, he attempted a Robben Island Crossing but unfortunately got pulled out due to weather conditions. He plans to complete this feat soon. Feel free to ask any questions regarding these if you’re interested!

The best thing to do is give Liam a call and set up a free consultation so you can see whether this is the kind of program you’re looking for. The good news is that anyone, regardless of their current shape or age, can join!

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