The 3rd Tri-Factor You’ve Probably Forgotten about…

Today’s health and exercise experts are all shouting at us to do two things: diet and exercise! This is true, being able to have a healthy balance in both regards will help get you into shape. However, much academic research has been promulgated that sleep, is just as important as exercise and diet…

Although we have been unsuccessful in determining exactly how sleep rejuvenates the body and mind, one thing experts do know is that adequate sleep is necessary for healthy functioning.

Research and science has shown that all mammals need sleep, and that sleep regulates mood and is related to learning and memory functions. Not only will getting your zzzs help you perform on a test, learn a new skill or help you stay on task, but it may also be a vital factor in your health, weight and energy level.

With this in mind, if you’re getting less than 6 hours sleep minimum, I suggest you take the necessary steps into getting that correct. You may this already, but exercise does help with sleep, but if you feel like you still aren’t getting adequate sleep, we suggest you go see a professional.

Please feel to contact Liam below for any info regarding the three tri-factors.

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